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Valves for hydrogen and gas applications

Climate-friendly alternatives

The need for clean energy sources is greater than ever before. This refers to forms of energy that are sustainable and have a climate-friendly footprint. Either because their extraction is sustainable from the very beginning, as with solar or wind power. Or because their initial negative climate footprint, such as in the case of gas, is neutralised with various measures or even turned into a positive value

For a successful energy transition, the use of fossil fuels must be further reduced. Hydrogen is already considered the energy source of the future.

The gas can be used in industry and commerce, in electricity and heat generation or in mobility. Hydrogen is ideal for making renewable energies storable and transportable in large quantities. Hydrogen can already be transported to the consumer via the existing gas infrastructure.

GSR has a wide range of valves and solutions for the energy sources of the future in its portfolio.


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