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Valves in shipbuilding applications

Flawless functionality

In international shipbuilding, it is important that precise, highly developed components are used that work absolutely reliably. It is not always possible to carry out service work on the high seas, and the waiting times in which such work could be done are becoming ever shorter.

The demands on ship components are also high because the environmental conditions are often very unfavourable. These include corrosion, vibrations and extreme temperatures.

Precisely for this requirement profile, we offer a comprehensive product range of special valves made of a wide variety of materials, which is used worldwide in shipbuilding. GSR valves are used, among other things, in the maritime sector in bilge water degreasing, as start-up valves for diesel engines, for water treatment, in fire extinguishing systems and in many other applications where perfect functioning is required to ensure a safe operation.

In order to certify to our customers that our valves really withstand these demanding specifications, there are approvals for a large number of valves from our comprehensive product range of special valves or from our standard modular programme, which have been certified by the ship classification company DNV GL.

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