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Valves for hydrogen applications

Specially developed valve technology

Currently, intensive research is being conducted on environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels, in order to meet increasingly stringent environmental requirements and new climate protection goals. One of the key energies in this is hydrogen. The number and type of hydrogen-powered vehicles on the roads and railways is constantly increasing.

GSR offers specially developed valve technology for hydrogen applications. The range extends from the low-pressure valve to the high-pressure valve as a solenoid valve for the pressure range up to 1,000 bar, or in a pressure-controlled version up to 1,200 bar. Our valve solutions are available as block versions, from single valves and cartridge variants to precisely adapted customer solutions.

In this case, different functions are combined in one block. This eliminates numerous possible sources of leakage. The arrangement of the components and connection points is carried out according to customer specifications. In addition to solenoid valves, other components such as safety valves, measured value transmitters, filters, pressure gauges or manual valves can be integrated or flanged on. The compactness of this type of construction thus offers decisive advantages over tubular designs.

Thanks to many years of experience in the field of customer-specific solutions, GSR has the necessary expertise in the construction of valve block solutions that are precisely tailored to the required conditions. Our valve solutions have been specially developed to meet the specific requirements for high-pressure refuelling with hydrogen. They can be used in dispensing systems, as well as in compressor and storage systems for hydrogen filling stations, but also in the context of electrolysis or space engineering.

Suitable types

SeriesDesignInter thread
Seat diameter
FlangePressure rangeHousing materialMedium temperatureDownloads
13 HD2-way manual valve9/16-18 UNF-0 - 1000 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+80 °CDownload
552/2-way solenoid valve with nipple seal direct actingG1/4
0.5 - 6.0 mm
-0-500 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+60 °CDownload
75HD3/2-way solenoid valve with nipple seal direct actingG1/4
1.0 - 5.0 mm
-0-300 barStainless steel 1.4404-30 °C/+60 °CDownload
2/5292/2-way solenoid valve with piston seal pilot operatedG1/4-G2
12 -50 mm
-1-450 barStainless steel 1.4404-27 °C/+60 °CDownload
3/0712/2-way solenoid valve with piston seal pilot operatedG1/4-G1/2
8 mm
-5-1000 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+60 °CDownload
8/1002/2-way valve with plate seal directly pressure controlledG1/4 - G1/2
4,0 und 8,0 mm
-0-1,000 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+60 °CDownload
2/529pn2/2-way valve with piston seal servo pressure controlledG1/2-G2
13 -50 mm
-1-600 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+80 °CDownload
17 HD2-way check valve9/16-18 UNF-0.5-1000 barStainless steel 1.4404-40 °C/+80 °CDownload

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