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Data sheets

As an internationally active manufacturer of valves and fittings, we have been supporting our customers and partners with products and solutions for over 50 years. Around 150 dedicated employees develop, produce and sell solenoid and pressure-controlled standard and special valves at our location in Vlotho-Exter.


Type 01PDF-Download
Type 03PDF-Download
Type 1/041PDF-Download
Type 1/041FLPDF-Download
Type 1/041PNPDF-Download
Type 1/921PDF-Download
Type 13HDPDF-Download
Type 17HDPDF-Download
Type 2/049PDF-Download
Type 2/131PDF-Download
Type 2/164PDF-Download
Type 2/164FLPDF-Download
Type 2/292PDF-Download
Type 2/529PDF-Download EU PDF-Download US
Type 2/529PNPDF-Download
Type 2/640PDF-Download
Type 2/668PDF-Download
Type 2/918PDF-Download
Type 22PDF-Download
Type 22-4RPDF-Download
Type 23PDF-Download
Type 24PDF-Download
Type 24DTPDF-Download
Type K24PDF-Download
Type 24THPDF-Download
Type 25PDF-Download
Type 25THPDF-Download
Type 26PDF-Download

Type 27PDF-Download
Type 27GPDF-Download
Type 27TMPDF-Download
Type 28PDF-Download
Type 28TMPDF-Download
Type 3/045PDF-Download
Type 3/071PDF-Download EU  PDF-Download US
Type 3/151PDF-Download
Type 3/151PDF-Download
Type 3/918PDF-Download
Type 35PDF-Download
Type K35PDF-Download
Type 35DTPDF-Download
Type 35THPDF-Download
Type 37PDF-Download
Type 37DTPDF-Download
Type K37PDF-Download
Type 37THPDF-Download
Type 39PDF-Download
Type 40PDF-Download
Type 40TMPDF-Download
Type 43PDF-Download
Type 43TMPDF-Download
Type 46PDF-Download
Type 46TKPDF-Download
Type 48PDF-Download
Type 48FLPDF-Download

Type 51PDF-Download
Type 51THPDF-Download
Type 52PDF-Download
Type 52SPDF-Download
Type 54PDF-Download
Type 54THPDF-Download
Type 55PDF-Download
Type 60PDF-Download
Type 63PDF-Download
Type 63 FLPDF-Download
Type 63 with welded endsPDF-Download
Type 63-4RPDF-Download
Type 63DTPDF-Download
Type 63DTEPDF-Download
Type 63GPDF-Download
Type 72PDF-Download
Type 73PDF-Download
Type 74PDF-Download
Type 75PDF-Download
Type 75HDPDF-Download
Type 40TMPDF-Download
Type 78PDF-Download
Type 79PDF-Download
Type 8/000PDF-Download
Type 8/100PDF-Download
Type 90PDF-Download
Type 91PDF-Download
Type K91PDF-Download
Dosing valve 4RPDF-Download

End position detection sensorPDF-Download
ATEX limit switch RC 12PDF-Download
Limit switch RC 27PDF-Download


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