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Training description

Not only fashion is elaborately created, also our valves have their own designers, so that they work optimally not only visually, but also from a technical perspective. In your training as a Technical Product Designer, you will learn to work with 3D programmes, to design products and data models and to prepare these designs in various ways. You will also master the calculation of different angles, areas and volumes, as well as the implementation of the design specifications; after your training, you’ll be able to handle these challenges in your sleep.


At vocational school, you will mainly deal with the subjects of Maths, Technology and Physics. In factories, you will get to know the various materials from which you will later select the appropriate ones so that your product fulfils its functions and also functions efficiently from an economic point of view. In Maths, you will learn to calculate lengths, areas and volumes correctly. Physics, for example, teaches you the basics of electrical engineering. 


Duration of training: 3 1/2 Years
School requirements: At least good middle school, possible attendance at a vocational school of metal technology 
Interests and strengths: You are interested in technology and have a good capacity for spatial thinking.
Vocational school: You will attend vocational school once or twice a week. Before the final exam, we allow you to participate in exam preparation courses. 
Further education opportunitiesAfter completing your training, you will have the opportunity to continue your training as a technician or engineer.

Technical Product Designer

You should already possess the following:


  • At least good middle school, possible attendance at a vocational school of metal technology (Berufsfachschule Metalltechnik)
  • Good grades in math and English
  • Technical interest
  • Spatial, three-dimensional way of thinking
  • Careful way of working
  • Team skills


What we offer you:


  • Highly practical and qualified training in a future-oriented company
  • Exciting prospects and good opportunities to be brought on board after training
  • Internal and external training and qualification opportunities
  • Internal joint ventures
  • A young and dynamic working environment with many long-standing employees

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