Attention Fake E-Mails in circulation!

Increasingly, we are receiving messages that e-mails in our name ask people to purchase vouchers or similar from mail-order companies in order to support us. These do not come from GSR!


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Hydrogen and gas


Wind power is a technology that has been used for several hundred years. Modern wind turbines are increasingly being developed, in order to gradually increase their performance. And the storage of the resulting energy is also subject to change. Hydrogen, which is generated with the help of wind power and, unlike electricity, can also be stored for the long term, offers the prerequisites to become a key factor for the energy supply of the future.

In hydrogen electrolysis, green hydrogen is produced by splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen with the help of electricity from renewable energies. The hydrogen is captured and used, while oxygen is released as a by-product when it is not needed on site. As part of this conversion of wind energy to hydrogen, GSR valves are used.

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